Netherlands Econometric Study Group

The Netherlands Econometric Study Group (NESG) is a yearly conference that provides a forum for econometricians from the Netherlands and beyond to exchange research ideas and developments on theoretical and applied econometrics.

NESG 2019 (13th Meeting): 24 May 2019, Amsterdam

The NESG 2019 conference will be held on May 24 2019 and hosted by the Amsterdam School of Economics jointly organized by the University of Amsterdam and VU Amsterdam.

Location is the Amsterdam Business School. There is no on-campus parking; parking is generally very difficult/expensive.

Details will follow.

Keynote Lecture

The NESG 2019 Keynote Lecture will be given by:

Geert Ridder  (University of Southern California)

Connected Econometrics

Outcomes for individuals can depend on who the individual interacts with (matching), on the composition of the group to which the individual belongs (sorting), and in general who the individual connects with (network formation). We discuss econometric methods for measurement and policy design in such situations. Complementarity between inputs and choices  simplifies the econometric analysis and policy design in matching applications, but complicates the econometrics in network formation. We discuss an application to the (optimal) assignment of teachers with different qualifications to classrooms with different levels of preparedness.