Again this year, you can vote for the Societal Impact Award. All short-listed nominees for the Societal Impact Award have made a short video describing their project, make sure to watch all four video’s at the bottom of this page and cast your vote!

Voting is possible until Wednesday, 18 December 12:00. Voting is open to everyone, so spread the word and hopefully your favourite project will win!

Sustainable Animal Assisted Activities in the MUMC+

The project ‘Meer pootjes aan het bed’ is a collaborative effort between Maastricht University (lead prof.dr. P.Martens), Open University, MUMC+ Child Department, GAIA Zoo and Animal Farm De Heeg. This project of a pet visitation program is aiming to offer relaxing, playful and pleasant activities that motivate children to be active and alert, which bring joy and a pleasant time, cheer up, stimulate communication and distract from illness and unpleasant situations.

Pim Martens (MSI)

Refugee entrepreneurship

This research project has explored the nature of refugee entrepreneurship around the world and how refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced people are being supported by entrepreneurship education.

The project was funded initial by the Alumni Fund at the University Fund Limburg and subsequently by the United Nations Conference of Trade and Development (UNCTAD). It has also received internal funding from the Sustainable Development Research Theme.

Jarrod Ormiston (OSE)


Creativity Project

Combining insights from experts on creativity, skills development and curriculum innovation, the project members developed an evidence-based skills course to equip students with a creativity toolbox, which they can use not only during the course, but also during their further studies and careers. In this course, real-life companies and organizations provide cases with complex, multifaceted real-life problems, and make use of students’ creative solutions to these problems.

This project originated as a collaboration between colleagues from FHML, FSE and FPN, and was co-funded by SBE, FSE and EDLAB.

Barbara Belfi, Kim van Broekhoven, Rolf van der Velden (ROA) and Kaj Thomsson (MILE)

Educatieve Agenda Limburg (EAL)

Good education requires a collaboration between scientists, policy makers and the education field to be able to face the challenges in a quickly changing society. The primary goals of the EAL are increasing the dialogue and collaboration between all parties involved in education in Limburg to further improve education and make sure there is an efficient link between science, education and the labour market.

The EAL is a collaboration between the Province of Limburg, Maastricht University, the Open University, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, vocational education institutes and schoolboards for primary and secondary education throughout Limburg.

Trudie Schils and Ron Diris (MILE)