M-BEPS 2016

Invited speakers

  • Johannes Berger (Covestro, Compensation and Benefit)
  • Andrew Caplin (New York University)
  • Rachel Croson (University of Texas at Arlington )
  • Timo Giesbrecht (Unilever R&D and Maastricht University)
  • Charles Noussair (University of Arizona)
  • Evelien van de Veer (Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs)


  • Steffen Altmann (University of Copenhagen)
  • Aljaz Ule (CREED, University of Amsterdam) 
  • Matthias Wibral (Maastricht University)

The Maastricht Behavioral Economic Policy Symposium aims to bring together behavioural and experimental researchers from different disciplines as well as policy makers and practitioners interested in human behavior in economic environments. The Symposium is meant to encourage the discussion of current relevant topics and the exchange among European policy makers, international researchers, and practitioners.

M-BEES 2016
For information on the associate event M-BEES 2016 please go to the Symposium’s webpage http://researchers-sbe.unimaas.nl/m-bees/.

This event is supported by SWOL and the Maastricht University (Department of Economics and GSBE).