Graduation Documents

All information about the graduation procedure can be found here.


When you graduate, you will receive the official graduation documents: your Degree certificate (Diploma), List of Exam Subjects and Diploma Supplement. Two certified copies of the Diploma and List of Exam Subjects are added and information about joining the alumni network. The Diploma Supplement is especially useful for international comparison. This document describes the nature, level, context, content and status of your study programme. Its purpose is to explain and compare the qualifications listed on your certificate.


The graduation documents are issued during the graduation ceremonies. These ceremonies are scheduled twice a year (one in fall and one in spring). The exact dates and the information about the registration will be published on Eleum under Graduation Ceremonies.


As an extra service the Exams Office gives you the opportunity to collect your graduation documents before the Graduation Ceremony at the SBE information desk. Please check the schedule below for availability.

In case you are not able to collect the documents yourself, you can also authorise someone to collect this on your behalf.


Please note: sending out graduation documents per registered mail will take place after the Graduation Ceremony only.


The table below shows when your graduation documents will be available:


Month of graduation Graduation documents available by the end of
September January
October January
November March
December March
January From spring ceremony onwards
February From spring ceremony onwards
March July
April July
May August
June October
July From fall ceremony onwards
August From fall ceremony onwards


If you wish to receive your certificate before the ceremony, please send a message via and inform us about the date/time when you wish to collect the graduation documents at the SBE information desk. Collecting your graduation documents is only possible after a confirmation of the Exams Office.

Timeline infographics, click here