Graduation Procedure

All students at The School of Business and Economics (SBE) will be issued a degree certificate after fulfilling all requirements of their bachelor’s or master’s programme. Therefore you will be informed by the Exams Office of SBE as soon as you have met (almost) all bachelor’s or master’s exam requirements. Please read the following carefully!

Requirements to be eligible for graduation

  • It is required to have a valid and approved registration for the study programme in which you would like to graduate. Please make sure to re-register every year, for as long you have not graduated.
  • Do note that registration part way through the academic year is not possible.
  • Make sure to settle all payments, for questions contact the Student Services Centre.
  • In order to graduate you need to have fulfilled all bachelor’s or master’s exam requirements. Please refer to EleUM and the Education and Examination Regulations for the study programme and the exam requirements.

First notification on graduation

If you might be eligible for graduation within the forthcoming months, the Exams Office will inform you by sending a First Notification message to your Maastricht University email account. The first notification will be sent within one month upon obtaining the below mentioned number of credits:

BACHELOR | Obtained 150 ECTS credits or more
MASTER One year | Obtained 39 ECTS credits or more
RESEARCH MASTER Two year | Obtained 90 ECTS credits or more

Please make sure that your personal data in MyUM is in accordance with the information in your passport. This data will be used for your official graduation documents, since these will be issued only once. Report changes as soon as possible to either your local council (if you are a Dutch citizen) or to the Student Services Centre (if you are a foreign student > Always inform the Exams Office via when you have updated your personal details.

If applicable, make sure you have registered for your specialisation and/or major within your Master or Bachelor study programme: Major / Specialisation

Final notification on graduation

Every month the Exams Office will check if you have fulfilled all exam/graduation requirements. If you are eligible to graduate, you will receive an email at your Maastricht University email account stating your graduation date.

If you obtained all the necessary credits of your programme but do not yet meet all requirements of this programme in order to graduate, the Exams Office will inform you as well.

TO DO: De-registration. It is your own responsibility to de-register on time. For more information, please refer to EleUM > De-registration from university or contact the Student Services Centre.

PLEASE NOTE! If you have fulfilled all exam requirements and you did not receive any graduation notification, please inform the Exams Office as soon as possible via

Graduation Date

The official date of graduation is the last day of a month. You must have successfully completed all subjects before the last day of the month in which you are graduating. The results have to be submitted at the Exams Office ultimately before the 15th of the following month, otherwise the graduation date will be postponed to the next month.

Do note that your graduation date is different from the date of the graduation ceremony.

More information about the graduation documents can be found here.

Timeline infographic, click here