Submitting a Digital Copy of your Thesis

After you have finished your Master’s thesis you also need to submit a digital copy (PDF-format) of the final thesis to the Exams Office as part of the Master’s Exam requirements. 

Your public thesis will be published on the website of the University Library, if your thesis is confidential, it will not be published. 

How to submit a PDF copy?

  1. If your thesis is public, name the PDF file as follows:
      e.g. SMIT–PETER–1234567–IB–THESIS
    • If your thesis is Confidential: CONFIDENTIAL–SMIT–PETER–1234567–IB–THESIS
  2. Please also use the name of the PDF file also as “subject” for the email
  3. With regard to the “body text” of the email it has to include the following:
    • Title of Thesis: ……………….. 
    • Thesis Public/Confidential: ……………….. 
  4.  Please send your thesis to: