Promotional Materials


For specific purposes, such as promoting the activity of a SBE study association, distribution of flyers and posters is permitted, provided permission is obtained. Consent may be requested by using the following e-mail address: In all other cases, it is forbidden.



Flyers and other promotional materials may only be printed in A4 or A5 format. They may be distributed using the designated brochure trays (labelled ‘Algemeen’) of the following brochure walls:

  • Brochure wall 2 in Zone F0, located at the former main entrance Ts53 (the brochure wall on the right);
  • Brochure wall 4 in Zone B0, near Mensa and toilets.

The porter will supervise the distribution of flyers and brochures. Any extra materials that are found outside the designated trays will be removed. If the brochure trays are already full, the distribution of other or new materials will not be possible.

Distribution of flyers is not permitted in the area around the school, therefore not at:

  • all school buildings (this includes toilets, education rooms and the main entrance (hall) Ts53);
  • tutorial groups;
  • area around the school;

Attaching flyers to bikes is strictly forbidden!

For traffic safety reasons, we do not allow any promotional activities, such as flyer distribution, at the green main gate (street side Ts53).



All advertisements, posters and other promotion material should be in A3, A4 or A5 format; one copy may be handed to the reception desk for display.

Reception will place your poster in the display case for one month from the date of placement. This time limit is necessary to allow other students space to display their materials as well. Display periods of longer than one month may be possible after consultation, depending on the reason.

Any advertisements, posters or flyers put in the display case without permission will be removed. If display case is full, the display of new materials will not be possible.

Putting up posters at random on (toilet) doors and walls (with tape, etc.) in all school buildings is not permitted and will be removed.