Additional (Third) Courses

Bachelor’s students

If you’re in your final two years of your Bachelor’s programme, you may be allowed to take a third course within your study programme. The benefits of taking extra courses include speeding up your study programme or catching up on delays in your study programme.

Remember! Taking three courses in one course period will require a lot of time and effort – so if you’re in any doubt, contact an Academic Counsellor before you submit your request for approval to the Board of Examiners.

Conditions: In order to take a third course, the following conditions apply:

  • you must have passed all your courses of your Bachelor first year;
  • you are only allowed to register for three (as opposed to two) courses in one course period twice during your bachelor’s study.
  • only the request for an extra course will be assessed (no other rights can be derived from an approval for a third course).

Please note: Exchange students are not allowed to follow three courses in one course period.


Bachelor’s students have to submit their request for an additional (third) course via MyUM portal > ‘Special course approval’, before the deadline for registration for the relevant course period which is published on EleUM. However, we advise you to submit your request at least one week in advance of the deadline, as the Board of Examiners needs time to assess your request.

Please note, in order to assess your request, you should have registered for your ‘regular’ courses, before submitting your request for an additional (third) course.

The manual for special course approval can be found here. 

Master’s students

In exceptional situations Master’s students may be allowed to take a third course.


Master’s students have to submit a written request including motivation to (no form available):

The Board of Examiners of SBE
Maastricht University
P.O. Box 616
6200 AD Maastricht

Please, remember to include your name, signature, ID number and study programme in any correspondence to the Board of Examiners. Bear in mind that it can take up to 8 weeks’ time before you receive a decision from the Board of Examiners.

You need approval before the deadline for registration for the relevant course period which is published on EleUM.



Be reminded that requests needs to be submitted before the relevant registration deadline and can only be assessed if you have already registered for your ‘regular’ courses.


Taking three courses in one course period can mean having three tutorials on the same day. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that the course schedule will accommodate the requested three courses at all times.


Bear in mind that there might be overlap in the examination schedule as well. In the process of scheduling the examinations, overlap of examination time caused by registration for a third course is never a reason to alter the examination schedule. Neither the tutor, nor the course coordinator, nor the SBE will be responsible for any study delay caused by such an overlap.


If, after scheduling, you have three tutorials on the same day, this is considered a valid reason to cancel your third course. However, you may only cancel the third course before the first day of the course period via SurfYourSelf.

Bachelor’s students: Even if you cancel your registration, it will still count as one of the two opportunities to take a third course.

If you register for a third course, but decide not to take the course and/or examination and do not de-register in time, you will receive a ‘NG’ (‘No Grade’) for the concerning course. However, if you deregister in time and you will not participate in the resit you will still receive a ‘NG’ on your transcript.