Research Project

Each year, a team of 14 selected bachelor and master students carry out company-specific research in emerging markets all over the world. In previous years, research has been conducted in China, Brazil, Vietnam, India and Indonesia. All participating students are in the final stage of their studies and are qualified to offer a combination of recent academic knowledge, practical skills and research capabilities. Furthermore, they must be fluent in both Dutch and English.

If you successfully complete a research project, it may be used to fulfill 26 ECTS (“pass”) of the study-abroad requirements in your bachelor’s programme. Unfortunately, there is no possibility for students of Econometrics and Operations Research to substitute the study-abroad requirements with the Research project.

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Duo – Dutch study grant: 

Please note that an extra-curricular activity as a Research Master Project may have consequences for your Dutch study grant (or “studiefinanciering”) and your student travel card/reimbursement. It is your own responsibility to check with DUO whether you are entitled to retain your Dutch study grant, while doing an extra-curricular internship.