‘Compensation’ for first year or first year repeat Bachelor’s students

BSc Education and Examination Regulation

Article 13 Awarding credits

  1. Awarding credits

The number of credits representing the full study load of a course, skills training or other educational unit will only be awarded in full. It is not possible to award part of the credits.

  1. Requirements

Credits are awarded by decision of the Board of Examiners upon the student’s fulfilment of all requirements of a course or skills training or other educational units by obtaining at least a grade 5.5, before rounding, on a 0.0 to 10.0 scale or a pass on the pass/fail scale.

  1. Exception

In the first-year Bachelor’s exam, credits may be awarded by decision of the Board of Examiners for only one (1) educational unit for which the student has obtained at least a grade 5.0, before rounding, if the student has fulfilled all other requirements of the first-year Bachelor’s programme. Subsequently the First-Year Bachelor’s exam has been successfully fulfilled and therefore it is not allowed to take a resit for the course or skills training for which the credits have been awarded according to the prerequisite in this section.

Please note that only at the end of the Academic year the Board of Examiners will check whether you meet the requirements for ‘Compensation’. You only have to inform the Exams Office if your grades in My UM portal are not correct via SurfYourSelf.

Please be reminded:

When compensation is awarded, you passed the course/skills training and consequently you passed the First-Year Bachelor’s exam (i.e. you obtained 60 ECTS credits).

It is not allowed to take a resit for the course/skills training which is compensated.