Extra Bachelor Examination Opportunity

Bachelor’s students, whose graduation is delayed by MORE than 1 semester (e.g. 6 months) because of failing one compulsory course, may be granted the opportunity to participate in an extra examination. This regulation applies to all bachelor’s students, regardless of their study programme or year of enrolment and is a once-only opportunity.


  • It should be your last compulsory course or compulsory QMIII skill (no electives/skills or other educational units), you must have passed all other graduation requirements (excluding the Capstone assignment);
  • You have never made use of this opportunity before;
  • You should have more than 6 months study delay due to the fact that you still have to pass one failed compulsory course to graduate.


  • You need a positive advise from a Student Advisor (via a form). You must submit a written request together with the student advisor’s positive recommendation to the Board of Examiners;
  • You need to submit your request before 1 May for the extra examination opportunity in July and the deadline for the extra examination opportunity in January is 1 December; You will automatically be registered for the concerning course. You will be informed about the date, time and location of the extra exam in due time. As a rule this examination will be scheduled in the last resit exam week of a semester, namely January and July.

Send your request including a positive advice from the Student Advisor to the Board of Examiners, or hand it in at the Information Desk of the SBE:

The Board of Examiners of SBE
Maastricht University
P.O. Box 616
6200 AD Maastricht.

Remember to include your name, signature, ID number and study programme in any correspondence with the Board of Examiners.

All students who participate in this arrangement will be scheduled at the same time. In principle, these examinations are organized by the Education and Exams Office. Please note that if only 5 students (or less) register for an extra examination opportunity the course coordinator can decide to change the usual format of the examination.