Personal Study Plan

If you’re in the second year of your bachelor’s programme, you’re strongly advised to develop a personal study plan – this will help you to make the right individual choices in your third year. In order to see what your programme will look like, it’s important to decide what major courses, elective courses etc.  to choose, and when will be the best time to plan your study abroad. All of these choices will influence and inform each other.

In order to develop a useful study plan, you should think about the following:

  • Develop a personal study plan during your second year.
  • Find out your field of interest; read the course descriptions relating to your ambitions.
  • Check when the (elective) courses of your choice are offered.
  • Remember that choices may affect each other.
  • Include courses that you might still have to re-take.
  • List study choices in a planning scheme for semesters IV, V and VI.
  • Register for all courses and skills training of your choice well before the deadline; changes in registration can be made until the deadlines for each course period.

To help you formulate your personal study plan, refer to the Study Planning Scheme. Specific information on the programmes can be found on the website (‘prospective students’) or on Student Portal SBE Student Info (outline study programmes).

Note! Changes in the programme are possible; make sure you check and adjust your personal study plan annually!