SBE Board

The Dean, assisted by a governing SBE Board, has operational autonomy and holds the final responsibility for all administrative and policy-making issues. In daily practice, responsibilities for respectively education, research, international profile & technology, and business operations, are delegated to the associate deans or to the managing director.

The Executive Board of the University appoints the Dean and the other members of the SBE Board. The Dean is accountable to the University’s Executive Board and is responsible for the school’s organisational structure, including the appointment of a Programme Board or a Programme Director for each study programme that is subject to the Dutch law.

SBE Board 

Prof. dr. Philip Vergauwen             Dean

Prof. dr. Peter Schotman              Associate dean of Research and Valorisation

Dr. Huub Meijers                         Associate dean of Education

Prof. dr. Mariëlle Heijltjes              Associate dean of Strategic Development and Internationalisation

Drs. Edward Peters RC                 Managing director

Rendy Jansen                             Student representative/advisor

Nathalie Dirks                             Secretary

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