SBE Complaints Regulations

Under the Algemene Wet Bestuursrecht (General Administrative Law) everyone has the right to file a complaint against an administrative body (faculty, service centre and MUO) with regards to specific matters against him/her.

Maastricht University (UM) has chosen to have the complaint handled closer to the workplace. Therefore, the SBE has set up a complaints committee.


All complaints not covered by the undesirable behaviour regulation (also refer to Confidential Advisor) and for which no other possible complaint procedure has been established, can file a complaint with the Dean.

If the complainant is a student, he/she can file their complaint through the Complaints Service Point (CSP). The CPS will inform the relevant body, e.g. the SBE Complaints Committee, regarding the filed complaints as soon as possible for further consideration.


The SBE Complaints Committee consists of:

– Dr. L. Bollen (chair)

– Ms B. Defesche

– Student representative


The general principles that apply include:

– A complaint must be dealt with quickly and effectively

– To treat the utmost confidentiality is observed

– The principle of a fair hearing is applied.


The full text of the SBE complaints regulations is available here



Please download the specific form from the Complaints Service Point CSP website.

Send the form to:

Maastricht University, Student Services Centre,

Attn. Complaints Service Point

P.O. Box 616

6200 MD Maastricht

The Netherlands

Remember to include your name, signature, ID number and study programme in any correspondence.


If you have any further questions regarding objection, appeal or complaint, you can send an email to:



It is not possible to file a complaint, according to the General Administrative Law Act (Algemene Wet Bestuursrecht – AWB), if instead you can lodge and objection or appeal against a decision.


For additional information:

Complaints and Appeal

CSP – Objection-Appeal-Complaint

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