Bachelor’s Thesis

All Bachelor’s students who started their BSc study programme as of September 2014 are required to write a Bachelor’s thesis.

 IB, EBE and FE students started prior to September 2014 are required to fulfil the exam requirements as published in the study outline of the year they started (i.e. writing a Capstone Assignment)

In your third year of your Bachelor’s programme, you are required to write a Bachelor’s Thesis. This is an individual scientific research related to a certain domain. The aim of the thesis is to demonstrate the knowledge of your area of study that you’ve gained over the three years.

Scheduling of the Bachelor’s Thesis

Depending on your choice of domain the BSc thesis is scheduled either in the Semester 1 (i.e., starting in period 1 and handing in in period 3) or the Semester 2 (i.e., starting in period 4 and handing in in period 6). The BSc thesis will start with an opening lecture in the first week (i.e., beginning of September for the September to January period and beginning of February for the February to June period). This opening lecture provides general guidelines for the thesis and will introduce the different topics among which you can choose. You work on your BSc thesis simultaneously with your courses as a floating skill in so-called BSc thesis circles. The BSc thesis circles will take place during period 1 and 2 (or 4 and 5 respectively). Period 3 (period 6 respectively) will be used to write up the final report. In order to avoid a potential conflict with your study abroad, the planning of the BSc thesis allows you  to finish at the end of period 2 (or 5). You can hand in your report earlier at the end of period 2 (or 5), or finish your report in period 3 (or 6). The BSc thesis is an individual assignment of 8 ECTS; except for the EOR students, who write a thesis in combination with a course for 10.5 ECTS consisting of and covering 1 Bachelor’s thesis related course of 6.5 credits and 1) skills training of 4.0 credits.

Registration for the thesis

You need to register for the BSc thesis in semester 1 or semester 2. The deadline for semester 1 is the same as for period 1, the deadline for semester 2 is the same as for period 4, see the Academic Calendar. You don’t need to register for the first re-sit of the BSc thesis. When necessary, a skill ca be registered in the skills period which is part of the BSc thesis semester.

Submission of the final report

You have to hand-in a digital copy as a safe assignment (plagiarism checked) on the last day of the corresponding skills period. Some coordinators might also ask for a hard copy version. The digital copy has to be handed-in in the corresponding course site in the student portal.

Thesis Re-sits

Your coordinator will publish the results and give feedback on your first sit via an assessment form. If you fail your thesis, you have one opportunity to re-write it. If you fail the re-sit, you must choose a new topic in the next semester and re-register as per the usual deadlines.

Further resources about BSc thesis

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