Capstone assignment

Bachelor’s students in IB, EBE and FE started their BSc study programme prior to September 2014 are required to write a Capstone Assignment of 4.0 ECTS credits.

In your third year of your bachelor’s programme, you are required to write a ‘capstone assignment’ – this is an individual scientific research essay of 4,500-5,000 words in length worth 4 ECTS credits. The aim of the assignment is to demonstrate the knowledge of your area of study that you’ve gained over the three years.

Scheduling of Capstone

Although capstone assignments are scheduled twice a year (period 3 and period 6), when you write your assignment is up to you. It is not assigned to one course period so you can write it throughout the semester, including when you’re studying abroad. A capstone and a skills training can be taken in the same skills period, which means you can obtain 8 ECTS in one skills period. The capstone assignment will be assessed at the end of the skills training. However, you can write the assignment earlier and then review your work within the capstone skills training period.

Topics of capstone

Your choice of topic should be consistent with your choice of major (IB/IBE) and elective (ECS) or study programme (EMI). You can only write a capstone assignment in a certain field if you have taken at least two courses in that field (IB/IBE), or the track-related course (ECS). Before the start of each semester, at least two topics per specialisation will be announced, alongside four-six scientific references for each topic.

Information about the content of the topics can be found in the course descriptions,  by selecting bachelor courses of period 3 or 6

Registration for Capstone

You must register for the capstone assignment at the same time as registering for skills trainings for course periods 3/6, see the Academic Calendar. You don’t need to register for the first re-sit of the capstone assignment.

Submission of Capstone

You should submit your capstone assignment in both digital and hard copies at the secretarial office of the coordinator responsible. If the secretarial office is closed, you should hand in the hard copy of your assignment at the Information Desk. The deadline for handing in both copies of the assignment is the last day of the relevant skills period.

Capstone Re-sits

Your coordinator will publish the results and give feedback on your first assignment via an assessment form. If you fail your capstone assignment, you have one opportunity to re-write it. If you fail the re-sit, you must choose a new subject in the next semester and re-register as per the usual deadlines.

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