Letter of Recommendation

If you are applying for a job or a school of higher learning, you will probably need one or more letters of recommendation. Both employers and admissions boards need to know as much as possible about you to determine your ability to perform, and therefore whether your application should be successful. Letters of recommendation provide information from a former employer or a credible associate who knows you well. This external party provides a valuable record of your previous experience, and can testify to your skills and abilities.

An effective letter of recommendation:

  • verifies experience;
  • confirms competence;
  • builds credibility;
  • bolsters confidence.

The information contained in a letter of recommendation depends on the type of letter and its intended audience. Information is often different for a letter written for an academic admissions board than one written for a prospective employer.

There is no standard template for a letter of recommendation, as sending standard letters often has a negative effect. Addressees and their requirements are often very specific. Click here for instructions on drafting a Letter of recommendation.

Career Orientation


To prepare yourself for your career, you may need quick career advice from one of the university’s career advisors, or you might want to participate in a workshop. Click here for more information on the services offered by the Career Services Centre.

Study associations can also be helpful in your career orientation:

  • Each year, a three-day recruiting event, known as the ‘Maastricht Business Days’, is organised, in which approx. 40 companies participate. These companies give business courses, job-interview practice and company presentations;
  • The ‘Make a Move’ event and other specialised company-orientation events take place during the year;
  • Please check the agenda of the study associations to see what’s happening.

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Career Services

The journey from student to professional is one of the most important and challenging in your life. Employers look for a combination of skills, knowledge and experience, not only top grades.

All students are encouraged to take advantage of the services and advice available from both SBE Career Services and UM Career Services.

SBE Career Services

Open office hours: TS53 Information Desk, Wednesdays from 14:00 – 16:00

Student Advising and Academic Counselling Office: Monday-Thursday from 10:30- 11:30

Current or prospective students can contact one of the student counsellors with questions or to schedule an appointment:

  • By phone: +31 43 3883805  (Monday-Thursday from 9.00-10.30hrs)
  • By email: careerservices-sbe@maastrichtuniversity.nl

SBE Career Services is an initiative of the Student Advising and Academic Counselling Office, located in TS53 rooms F2.04, F2.09, F2.11, F2.13 and F2.15

UM Career Services

UM Career services are located in the Student Services Centre (BON2, B1.21).

Current students can contact one of the advisors with questions or to schedule an appointment: