Netherlands Econometric Study Group

The Netherlands Econometric Study Group (NESG) is a yearly conference that provides a forum for econometricians from the Netherlands and beyond to exchange research ideas and developments on theoretical and applied econometrics.

NESG 2018 (12th Meeting):  25 May 2018,   Amsterdam


The NESG 2018 conference will be held on May 25 2018 and hosted by the Amsterdam School of Economics  of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Amsterdam.

Location is M.1.03 in the Amsterdam Business School. There is no on-campus parking; parking is generally very difficult/expensive.

The conference will start at 10 am and dinner will finish before 10 pm (but with sufficient opportunities to continue until much later).

Keynote Lecture

The NESG 2018 Keynote Lecture will be given by:

Peter C.B. Phillips  (Yale University)

Dynamic Panel Modeling of Climate Change

We discuss some conceptual and practical issues that arise from the presence of global energy balance effects on station level adjustment mechanisms in dynamic panel regressions with climate data. The paper provides asymptotic analyses, observational data computations, and Monte Carlo simulations to assess the use of various estimation methodologies, including standard dynamic panel regression and cointegration techniques that have been used in earlier research. Intriguingly from an econometric perspective and importantly for global policy analysis, it is shown that despite the substantial differences between the estimates of the regression model parameters, estimates of global transient climate sensitivity (of temperature to a doubling of atmospheric CO2) are robust to the estimation method employed and to the specific nature of the trending mechanism in global temperature, radiation, and CO2.

Amsterdam School of Economics
Tinbergen Institute